About the Company

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Since our inception in 2003, BIB Capital Management Group has been helping small business owners to reach their financial goals by helping them to structure their transactions and placing them with the appropriate lending source. Our specialists have vast experience in conventional and alternative finance and closely follow the latest trends. As a result we keep abreast of the new opportunities on the lending landscape that could help our clients to obtain funding for their projects. The current economic environment in the US is a challenging one, especially for the companies who were heavily hit by the recent recessional climate and for the new companies with an insufficient credit history who can not get conventional loans at the banks. Such companies may benefit from the alternative funding options and could take advantage of our expertise and resources. We work with numerous lenders and will strive to present your transaction to a financing source where you could get the best terms and quick answer to your needs.

Consulting Services

If you have a great opportunity but it is in a "raw" stage, our professionals will help present your transaction in a way that is desired by the lenders and to prepare necessary paperwork such as business plans, presentations and other write-ups. In a credit-constrained environment, lenders are bombarded by numerous loan requests. To be able to present your needs in a way that stands out, and will get the neccessary attention. A proper presentation will increase your chances for obtaining funding and on better terms. Our compensation for such services is negotiated on a case by case basis depending on a complexity of the work involved.

No Up-front Fees for Brokered Loans

If a client retains us to present the financial proposal to a lender, our contract does not include any upfront fees and expenses. We actually recommend you to avoid the arrangements with firms that charge upfront fees from their clients. You may be required to pay some due diligence fee to a lender which usually includes the costs of appraisal and credit reports. Such fees are a standard lending practice in the current environment. These fees will be listed in the lender term sheet. If you are not comfortable with the fees, you are free to reject the transaction. BIB Capital is not getting any part of such fees. Our compensation is a success fee only and is due at closing.